The Kansas House Pensions & Benefits Committee is the primary committee assigned to crafting, hearing and carrying KPERS related legislation in the Kansas House. Beginning in the 2011 Kansas legislative session, Keeping the Kansas Promise has provided real-time committee monitoring and update posts in order to distribute committee related information and action alerts to Keeping the Kansas Promise membership.  If you are not already on our mailing list, please consider signing up so that you can stay updated with KPERS related actions in the Kansas Legislature.

Because the Kansas Legislature is a citizen legislature, citizens make the best advocates for or against specific legislation. Citizens interested in KPERS should review the actions that have occurred in each of the legislative chambers of the Kansas Legislature, familiarize themselves with the talking points provided by Keeping the Kansas Promise, and contact their own legislators and members of KPERS committees about the importance of KPERS.

Members of the House Pensions & Benefits Committee are:

  • Rep. Mitch Holmes, Chair (R-114th), Phone: 785-296-7667 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. John Grange, Vice-Chair (R-75th), Phone: 785-296-7655 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Louis Ruiz, Ranking Minority Member (D-32nd), Phone: 785-296-7122 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Don Hill (R-60th), Phone: 785-296-7632 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Ron Worley (R-30th), Phone: 785-296-7649 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Steven Johnson (R-108th), Phone: 785-296-7696 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Charles Roth (R-71st), Phone: 785-296-7689 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Geraldine Flaharty (D-98th), Phone: 785-296-7651 (E-Mail)
  • Rep. Jim Kelly (R-12th), Phone: 785-296-6014 (E-Mail)